Monday, November 26, 2007

Lymphedema Compression Pump Blog

Compression pumps were at one time the standard treatment for lymphedema. These older types called pneumatic compression device composed of inflatable clothing for hands, feet or legs, and electric pneumatic pump that fills clothing with compressed air. In clothing jerky is inflated and deflated with the cycle time and pressure, which differ between devices. There were lymphedema compression sleeves as well as lymphedema compression stockings and other lymphedema compression garments.

Because of possible complications and further damage the existing lymphatics, many patients and medical workers are no longer in favor with the old standard compression units.

Today there is a new generation of lymphedema compression pumps that operate consistently,
less pressure is applied. The new device is also referred to as intermittent pneumatic compression devices. They can be used in the drumstick or plantar foot area for lymphedema compression therapy.

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